How does the back ordered parts process work? back order parts

Their is often some confusion about the back ordered parts ordering process and how it works with OEM parts and accessories retailers. 

When you, and in return we the merchant, place an order for a back ordered parts with the manufacturer, we are added to a que with all other retailers and dealers waiting on that back ordered part. When these parts come back into stock from production, the supply is shipped out to everyone on the list starting from the top working down till they are out of supply or persons and merchants waiting for the back ordered part.

"How does this affect me?", you might ask. Well, you should reconsider cancelling orders that contain back ordered parts. If we or another retailer cancel your order, we lose our spot in the list que waiting for the back ordered part. So it is often worth it to stick it out and maintain your place in line. If the order would be resubmitted later, you go back down to the bottom of that list que! You do not get yoru old spot in the list back!

If you want to learn anything more about back ordered parts or have any other questions, give us a call.