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Motorcycle racing is one of the highest adrenaline sports to watch, and there's absolutely no telling what will happen. That's what makes them so appealing! The only single constant is that riders will inevitably need new motorcycle parts before and after races. has proudly supplied motocross racers everywhere with the motorcycle parts they need to position machine and mind for victory on the race course.

For those that have never tuned in, motocross (MX) is heart pounding off-road racing of varying elevation around a closed circuit course of grass, dirt, mud, fast turns and gnarly jumps. Everyone starts the race at once, so it's like a hoard of wild animals tearing out of the gates, each desperately jousting for pole position. The untamed spirit of MX embodies what motorcycle racing is for everyone; a chance to meld mind and machine and go wide open for victory.

The types of bikes and people competing in motocross covers a wide spectrum, which adds to its popularity as
an amateur sport. It's a sport that has evolved rapidly over time, especially as motorcycles have advanced. For example, notice that with better suspension systems, course jumps have become more challenging that ever. Riders must exercise extreme riding skill and develop a determined prowess to compete well these days.

As far as what the origin of motocross was, states: "Consequently, until recently, most motorcycle historians have been willing to accept that the origin of motocross has been lost in the mists of time, often assuming – due to its name – that motocross originated somewhere in France." But, you don't need a history book to peak into the colorful past of motocross: watch some timeless footage of motocross over the years in this Youtube titled Legacy of Motocross.

If you want to check out motocross racing action in person, here's a schedule of the 2015 motocross
races in the USA.

Motocross races will occur across the USA this year; from California to Maryland.
The motocross race season begins this year on May 16 at the Hangtown Motocross Classic in Sacramento, CA. Hangtown even has its own website  and Facebook, with over 10k Likes!

General admission tickets at Hangtown start at $40 each.

Here are some motocross videos posted on the official USA MX site.

If you're really into this kind of racing, you'll want to check out the 2015 Super Cross schedule as well.

Until next time: ride long, race even faster, be safe out there, and anytime you need to re-stock your motorcycle parts, visit for the best OEM Kawasaki, Polaris, Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki parts on the web!

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