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Professionals have for years shocked us with some pretty cool motorcycle stunts, but with the advent of Youtube, we can now zoom in on stunts produced by everyday daredevils. Here are a few below we thought you would enjoy:

Motorcycle Wheelies

If you search "motorcycle wheelies on highway" on, you'll see alot of different videos, but what makes this one by BLOX STARZ TV ( ) different
is the sheer duration the rider--who is being followed by dozens of fellow riders-- holds his wheelie on a busy highway. After going for what feels like miles, we wonder how much longer he can hold it, and then he leans back, holds on tighter, brings his legs over the handlebars and puts his feet together in different configurations. All this is happening as the bike is flying down the highway at normal speed. As if that weren't enough, his legs drop and he does some asphalt toe touches.

Jumping Off a Mountain Into a River

The best motorcycle stunts aren't always someone attempting to jump over 100 tractor trailers, but jumps are exciting especially when there is the element of challenge that surpasses what any logical person should do.

In this stunt video ( ) a guy does a few warm up jumps up a dirt hill to make sure his parachute comes out, and then after some talk about how crazy it is to do what he's planning to do, he lines up.

Hitting top speed the rider hits the jump that launches him and his bike straight in the air over the river he plans to land into. But on the descent the parachute delays until the last moment, when it finally pops out, yanking the rider off his bike (which plunges into the water below separately). All viewers see is that bike plunging into the river, wondering where the rider is, and then you see him coming
out of the water. A few more angles are shown, and it's then that viewers see the magnitude of this stunt--absolutely amazing that he pulled this one off!

Riding Through Brazil Traffic

In this next video, a guy rides through heavy, often stopped Brazil traffic for 9 minutes and 21 seconds. The whole way he's talking, as he squeezes through side by side traffic at high speeds, nonchalant even in demeaner and moving along like it's something he does every single day on the way to work

Check it out:

These stunts are obviously illegal and / or highly dangerous, but it's always entertaining to see fellow riders on film who emerge from their test of fire with new respect and enough awe to inspire stories for decades.

The best stunt riders aren't the way they look on film though. The ones that go on to do more cool stunts aren't impulsive, crazy, or unguided in their approach, but meticulous in their planning, professional in their practice, and serious about getting the proper training to handle a bike through
ridiculously challenging events.

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