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The highway has always been a wild place, but it's gotten worse. Look at the people going by in automobiles and you'll see something scarier than a truck driver drinking moonshine and eating a triple cheese burger at the same time: texting and driving.

With the truck driver example, at least it's only one irresponsible driver on the road, but compared to everyone out there who are texting, it's only a drop of poison in the ocean.

Motorcyclists already have a tough time being seen, and now everywhere people are texting. Despite the laws against texting and driving, look at the automobile drivers passing by and you'll see, with the exception of great grandpa and great grandma (who you've got to watch out for for other reasons),
everyone is texting.

It's proven that texting and driving is just as bad as drinking and driving, so now it's like driving along a highway full of drunks.

There is a lot automobile drivers can learn from motorcyclists who have an absolute focus on the road and go out to enjoy the freedom of the ride, everytime. No one who is texting is enjoying the present moment, and has opted to trade their freedom at the expense of everyone else on the road.

As we head into a warmer season, and spring break attracts many thousands of bikers on the road, it's important to be extra viligant with defensive driving, but riders can't watch everyone on the road
all the time. No one can. That's why it's so important to take action, and that means putting your foot down to stamp out texting and driving. Declare war on texting and driving, and keep our roads motorcycle friendly.

Your fellow riders are depending on your help. Get the word out: Don't text and drive, focus on what you're doing, and above all else enjoy the ride...so others can do the same.

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