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Motorcyclists are often depicted as lone riders, cranking up the bike one day and riding off into the sunset for years without saying a word to anyone.

"Motorcycle riders are introverted, the quiet types, the loner, the hero, even the villain..."

These archetypes may have been first drawn from the hundreds of post world war mavericks who on return from battle, cranked up, headed out of town for a period of soul searching that would define their lives, and the image of the sport of motorcycle riding in general.

Often, these surly, and shaken dudes were rattled by what they saw and took to the highways to find themselves again. It was a lonely journey, indeed.

Or, the lone biker characterization could have come from the hero riding off into the sunset on his horse. Heroes then moved to motorcycles, and continued and reinforced the public belief that riders must be loners.

There were also powerful literary classics that emerged during that formative time like On the Road, that perpetuated a "life on the road" though if you'll remember, it was all about friends.

Just consider how many biker clubs and motorcycle events there are out there, how many bikers come together to lay out a tarp full of motorcycle parts to work on bikes the public should entertain another perspective: Bikers are quite a gregarious bunch. It's too easy for a non-rider to assume all bikers out there are just long-bearded, loners riding out a solitary existence, but if the general public just thought about it, bikers are like everyone else in that
we love our camaraderie. What defines bikers is not the lonesome ride, it's the ride itself, however it presents itself.

Sometimes the ride is quiet, and sometimes it's surrounded by friends.

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