Customers shopping for motorcycle parts on the Internet come across so many promises, if only half of them were true...

The other day, blew wide open the myth of "free shipping". Today we talk about another commonly seen online promise that is promoted as "fast shipping". Rapid shipping for motorcycle parts is so important because you want those parts fast. Why? So you can get back on your motorcycle right away--of course! There's either that big race or that long highway ride with friends coming up, and that motorcycle part better get there on time, or you're going to blow steam, right?!

There's an old saying that out of the following three: great prices, great customer service, and great quality; you can have only two. It's just impossible for a business to offer all three and come out profitable.

Fast shipping falls in the category of great customer service, so if you see the rock bottom lowest prices on OEM motorcycle parts (which you know are great quality), and then you see a fast shipping guarantee, think twice about that order, especially when you absolutely must get that part right away.

It takes years of training for a shipping team to perfect this concept we have of "fast shipping."
Under a "fast shipping" guarantee, your motorcycle parts must not only be mailed on time, but with nearly 100% accuracy. You know what we're talking about here if you've gotten an order shipped fast, but then opened the box only to find missing parts, wrong parts, or even--God forbid--used parts (when you bought them new).

At, we have a shipping team that has been working together for years. They move like a well-oiled clock, and have even won awards for hitting the lowest error rates in the industry!

In fact, research shows that it takes a team at least four years to work well together, to be in the "zone". (Four years my friends is longer than most people keep a job these days!) It's like a basketball team that has been playing with each other for so long that each player intuitively knows what other teammates are about to do, before any physical indication even flashes. So, right before the ball is passed, another player is already making moves to receive it. That's how the OEM shipping team flow is at, a natural wonder of precision and coordination, honed over years of experience.


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